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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 4, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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11. right now at 11 light snow falling across the area, not sticking to the streets, but will it be doing that by tomorrow morning. i'll have your friday morning commute. a terrify situation for residents in one manassas neighborhood, families were kept away from their homes for hours while two suspects were hauled up inside of a townhouse possibly with automatic weapons. how the situation was resolved. > plus, a local police officer is back on the job tonight after someone deliberately ran him over with an atv, more on the heated conversation that led to the violence. this is fox5 local news at 11. it is good to have you you with us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. there is snowfall across the d.c. region tonight. it could cause a few problems tomorrow morning. in fact, believe it or not, prince william county schools have already canceled classes foretop. that's right we have life team coverage tonight beginning with sue palka. so sue, we c
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coming down, big fat flakes out there. it's impressive out there. > i'm delighted it timed up for our news coverage. >> we are hearing from am of you in st. mary's county that you have three, and in some places, a fluffy four inches of snow already. just a few minutes ago, national service did add you to the winter storm area. those are areas that may see three to six much ines. the bulk of the accumulation within be on grass here. it's too warm on the roads much that's not t say that there is some slick spots. i wanted you to see that this winter storm warning does include saint maries. that does time out beautifully with the band. it may be wrapping up for our western suburbs here really soon, but st. mary's and even parts of charles, calvert county, over to the salsbury area, you ar
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deepening of low pressure that is on its way over to the coast and it's going to be able to throw back a little bit of moisture onto you. friday morning locally low impact for saint maries, lower southern maryland. that's a different story, moderate impact there. our key points, the d.c. area will be done by this with by sunrise. and low impact. most accumulations, grassy areas, the jackpot, southern maryland. we thank you for your pictures, i'm retweeting them and we will continue to do so. three to six inches there. mike thomas is standing by here in northeast d.c. are those big fat potato chips flakes still falling. >> breaking news here in d.c. we have a dusting. since you've been out here at 10 we've done some accumulations at last in northwest d.c. i took ground temperatures and ground temperatures still running between 34 and 35 degrees. so your roadways are going to be just fine. in fact, as you can see behind me it's mainly ju
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roadways. traffic is left on the road, is still running smoothly. this is what we expect to continue for the next couple of hours here in northwest d.c. snow falling, it's sticking to the grass. itself' not down heavily enough. certainly the heaviest i've seen so far today. it's not coming down heavy enough that it's going to pile up on the roads. again with temperatures as marginal as they are. we really need it to come down heavier than this to pile up and cause problems on the road. not expecting that to happen. but it is absolutely beautiful out here this evening. mike thomas, fox5 local news. > thank you very much. we turn to a developing story out of prince william county. police have been able to access the inside of a townhome where at least one man was hauled up. police say the man barricaded himself inside of the townhome this afternoon after shots were fired at some passing cars. fox5's teisha lewis is life on the scene now. teisha, there is still a
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police presence presence on the scene. what's happening. >> tony, what a difference an hour makes. there are still police here, but what we can tell you that folks have been allow back inside their homes after this or deal that lasted several hours. if you take a look over my left shoulder that house on the end, there's still a lot of police activity. what we do know is that swath teams made entry into this house within the last hour searching with robots and cameras for two gunmen. witnesses say ran into the location following a brazen daylight shootout. now, inside the home we learned from the police chief that there was a weapon that was discovered. police initially believed that there were military style weapons and assault rifles. police say a passing car was the target here on the 9600 block of aspen drive. but the gunmen instead hit several parked cars, including one where the driver was still inside, but escaped unharmed. all of this unfolded shortly after 1:30 this afternoon
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prompting manassas city to place several schools on lock down. police discovered several shell casings also in the neighborhood and as a precautiously measure evacuated half the block. as we've reported since then, residents have been permitted to return home. am of those residents can did go to say with some neighbors. at this point here's what we do know, there has been one arrest. a suspect who was arrested in this case, there could be at least one other at large. take a listen. >> earlier at the same t time tt this was going on, an investigative team made of the northern virginia task force, the atf and the manassas city police developed a suspect and a suspect was arrested in prince william county near potomac mills mall. > and that suspect has been identified asmanual gonzales. we have his mug shot on our website, fox5 what we're thankful to report tonight is that there were no
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injuries despite the several rounds of gunfire. i can tell you having groan up near this area that georgetown south historically has made significant strides to curb the gang violence and the violence in the area. so we don't know just yet if this is a resurgence of gang violence or if this incident is just an isolated incident. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > a local police officer was seriously hurt after someone ran him over with an tv. the incident happened sunday in prince george's county as the officer tried to speak with the atv driver. fox5's marina maracco has an update tonight. this is without a doubt a scary encounter for that on duty uniformed officer. the group of atvs traveling here down allentown road and at least two of them made a turn here onto old old brand avenue and tn they parked behind that strip mall that you're looking at an electric supply store. the officer pulled up next to them, got out of the car and when he approached them, that's when he was run over.
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miles up the road in largo, a similar scene to what this officer confronted, dozens of atvs driving illegally on prince george's county county roads. i approached both of the drivers at one point and asked them to turn off their atvs. one decided that he wasn't going to do that. and he actlly revved his engine up and ran towards the officer. at one point he struck the officer, knocked the officer down. they are becoming problematic at times because we do know they impede the flow of traffic. especially in the numbers that we encounter on occasion. police hoping that someone will recognize this green atv on your green. investigators say when approached by the officer, the atv's driver jumped over to his friend's bike and they both rode off after running over the officer. now, a surveillance picture shows at least one person of interest. police are hoping to speak with and these atv riders are now looking at f
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running over that officer who had to spend one night in the hospital in camp springs. marina maracco, fox5 local news. > we have surveillance camera footage of two persons of interest last month in falls church. baba tune awas found dead inside his home on february 23. police say he was murred and they believed he was target. take a good look at these two people. do you recognize anything about them? their clothing. if you do, give fairfax county police a call. two men have been arrested in montgomery county charged with human trafficking and sexual abuse of a minorment police say they first became aware of what was going on late last year when they got a call from the 16 year old vic tip. she told investigators both saint maries van sharp and rally mack clam said they would pay her to have sex with men and provided her with a phone. court documents also revealed one of the suspects drove a school bus for prince george's
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folks who may have ridden his bus, maybe some of the young people. >> certainly that's part of the investigation, but at this time there is no known connection between the victim and either of these suspects'' occupation. > fox5 reached out to prince george's county schools who told us while it's not their policy to discuss any students or employees they do conduct very rigorous background checks before hiring. new at 11, police say someone tried to grab a young girl outside the air and space museum in the district this morning. police say the victim was standing in line with a group of people. that's when a man came up to the girl, grabbed her hand and tried to walk away with her. someone saw what was happening and confronted the man and then got on the bus without the girl. no one was hurt. if you have any information about this you're asked to call police. > a who the debate in detroit. i hope -- if the audience cannot undersnd
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over each other. > we'll have more of the fireworks and how former presidential candidate mitt romney injected himself into this year's raise. thats ' next. later, scientific research shows that a broken heart or too much joy can be lethal for your body. the reason why they say that is.
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> in case you missed it, what a night in detroit. the final four republican presidential hopeful scared off. it quickly turned into a battle with marco rubio and ted cruz telling voters why they shouldn't put donald trump in the white house. two-thirds of the people who would castellani a vote in a republican primary or caucus have voted against you. they do not want you to be our nomination and the reason why is because we're not going to turn over the conservative movement or the party of lincoln or reagan to someone whose positions are not conservative. >> is this the debate you want playing out in the general election the stakes in they recollection are too high. for several years we have been struggling, people are hurting. our constitutional rights are under assault and if we nominate donald we're going to spend the
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republican nominee facing a fraud trial. i am by far the leader, but if p you listen to a politician they'll try to convince you otherwise. > the next gop debate is scheduled for march 10 in miami. > this afternoon mitt romney came out swinging against donald trump. the 2012 presidential candidate made a speech in utah. he said that the election of donald trump could put the united states and our democratic political system in pearl. rom any highlighted trump's failed business ventures, his demeaning comments about various groups and people and his record. dishonesty is donald trump's hallmark. he claimed that he had spoken clearly and boldly against going into iraq. wrong. he spoke in favor of invading iraq. he's not of the termment of the kind of stable, thoughtful person we need aisled leader. trump later called rom any a hypocrite and
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that he accepted his endorsement while he was running for the presidency in 2012. let's talk a little bit about the weather now. we've been seeing snow coming down out there. >> it's really pretty. it's beautiful. it's in the accumulating on roadways local limit we're going to have to watch tomorrow is down through st. mary's county. they got added to the winter storm warning because they picked up about three inches and they're really close to a heavy band. some items too you can't see those heavy bands in advance. it looked like maybe they could get one to three down there and we had painted them in a two to three. but they may get a little bit more than that. look at that. onion hill camera. almost like it's in slow motion. meanwhile as we watch our storm in motion, it's ending in the western suburbs so you've probably gotten all you're going to
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looks great, here we're going to get a coating on grass, the pavement is going to melt off some of this. in the morning, low impact locally, but watch for a few slick spots here and there, the winter weather advisory will go until 10 in the morning and this is the area where you have to watch, the winter storm warning and we think there could be a little l jackpot south of salsbury as well. this got added. it's generally for three to six inches of snow. we're hearing from a lot of you that you've seen it. it's a little l tough to he see, but can really see it here, great mills maryland piling up on the railing there and a lot of of others that i've sent out on feed, about three and a half "s from california, from several locations down here really, especially central and south earn portions of st. mary's county. so back to the west there's not a lot of snow to see. locally we're getting some beautiful snow, not sticking to the
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a half inch to an inch, maybe even a couple of spots getting two inches primarily on grass, your car and maybe other cold spots. we look down under the south. this is why saint maries went under the winter storm warning. the brighter purposes indicating where the heavier snow bands have been. it's lighter now, but it looks like there might be another one coming a little bit later. > we still have a few more hours to go down there. as our storm continues to transfer its energy over the coast it will get stronger. into the future, midnight hour you can see the dry slot opening up for much of our western suburbs. take this to two in the morning, not a lot of snow locally. one last patch around the beltway area, but you're still getting more in st. mary's county. charles, northern neck, all of these areas in the winter storm warning very well placed by the national weather service. salsbury we think this also could continue just south of your area, 5 in the morning st
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by the time we get to 8 in the morning, there's that band that continues. st. mary's still in it, but it's all out of here by the noon hour. last stop tonight, this is what we're calling for, a general one to two on grass, less in the western areas, a coating only. and then there is that area that will get the sweat stuff and probably more cancellations and delays down t there. fox5ther seven day forecast. we get true winter, still up to 4 # degrees. the afternoon not bad at all. a little bit breezy and chilly. there might be a little l something passing us by on saturday. this might be a clipper. after we get through that we're warming up big time, 60 monday, to 75 on wednesday, thursday a few showers possible with a temperature of 73-degrees. all over the place on that seven day forecast. brody over to you. we'll see. hopefully. not all over the place in sports. the first recruiting cla of th
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chance. a chance that he would get his team back to the heights era. one great year in college park and four year interpret jake layman being honored on senior day. first half, melo trimble dribbles through the defense for an easy lay in. 18 points for him. the terps up ten at the break over illinois. second half, total domination behind the three ball. layman, one of his 33s. he also had 18 points. late in the game, senior brawn rom hits a three, everyone goes nights. he's been on the bench most of the year, senior night he gets in there and hits a big three. maryland pounds illinois. > daniel murphy facing his old team, bryce harper getting things going early in his repeat mvp campaign.
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it's still early. been reviewer, first run of the game, later in the first, anthony rendon, he cuts one to right, false in. that will score murphy and harper. the nats score four in the first. and matt inquirer, last season he went two scoreless. > gave america soccer a gift with her penalty kick in the 1999 world cup and she's giving now a gift to science. cas teen is donating her brain to cte research upon her debt death. crystal dun, check off substitution here why are we showing that. here she is, 72nd minute, a holler, into the upper 90. that is your game winner for dun. the only goal of the game, the us withins the match 1-0. cardboard goals, a man originally found seven
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cards. the cards were found in a paper bag in a deceased relative's home. prior to the discovery of these seven cards only 15 of these were known to exist. the card in the best condition, people say could fetch a million dollars. > wow. there's seven of them. previously they've gone for over 150,000 at auction. >> that's crazy. > now they're saying it's such good condition, it coulding for a million each. > start looking. as we head to the break, here's a look at some of the throw back thursday pictures you sent us tonight using hashtag fox5 tbt. we love them. thank you for sending them. we'll be right back.
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> a little downer of a story i'm afraid that we'renning with. you've probably heard that people can die of a broken heart. now it appears that extreme happies can be just as dangerous. >> i'm not trying to smile. > broken heart syndrome is when the heart muscles rapidly and severely weaken. >> it is brought by on by emotional stress and can cause severe chest pain possibly leading to a heart attack or even chest. in a study researchers discovered one out of every 20 cases of this ailment are caused by joy. can we sync a happy song or something? we can't end lik
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that. >> because i'm happy. > you know what, i'll bet that's wrong. i'll bet it's sudden shock and surprise. like if you're told you won the lottery. >> celebrate good times, come on. all right. 
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